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Did You Know...?
 . . . I've been writing another e-book?

This new e-book is nearly ready for publishing.  I have several people across the nation reviewing it for continuity.  Early reports are coming back with great enthusiasm.  (It's about . . . . well, I'll tell you later!)

I will keep you posted as to it's progress.

As my book progressed I also taught a worth-shop entitled Write Now!  As a result several participants stand poised to publish their own e-books. From overcoming neck pain, and managing Bi-Polar Depression, to a delightful Vampire tale, these books are one's you'll want to read!  

I will feature these books here as they get published.  Fun!

 . . .  You Tube link  thedivinefellowship.com  for guided meditations & other spiritual tools

Each day is a new day.  As we focus on the day before us, it serves us to release the day we had yesterday and the day before.  

We carry clutter in our energy field (aura) from not only our yesterdays but other's yesterdays.  This clutter creates confusion and a disconnected feeling.

Breathe deeply and swing your arms around in a sweeping circle around your body.  This disengages the energetic clutter.

Shake your hands towards the ground to release and discharge this unwanted energy.  You'll feel brighter, clearer and more connected.

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Coming Soon . . . The Divine Fellowship presents it's
15th Annual
NW Healing Spirit Expo

Saturday, April 11th 10 -5pm
Sunday, April 12th 10-4pm

Crystals, readers, healers,
gemstone jewelry, aura pictures,
and some new vendors!
Free Lectures with Admission
$6 or $5 with non-perishable food item or pet food item for our local food bank and animal shelter.
Gonna be great fun!  See you there!

​I'm working on this . . . 

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