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Love Empowers Me Now
Did You Know...?
 . . . This Holiday Season leaves us filled with expectations?  Expectations about ourselves and what we can accomplish in a limited time frame . . . 
Expectations about others and our relationships with them?
To overcome these expectations, call upon the gift and spiritual tool of Wonderment.  Wonderment takes us out of judgment (which always follows expectations) and puts us into the child-like wonder - the key of the Holiday Season.  I wonder what this new day brings.  I wonder what joy I can find today.  I wonder what unfolds when I allow? Give yourself the gift of Wonderment!!!  Today and everyday!

And did you know . . . 
 . . .  Tube link  thedivinefellowship.com  for guided meditations & other spiritual tools

​Asking for a spiritual gift?  Beloved relationship, ability to see angels, intuitive connection or ?

Remember to ask first, for the energetic signature of the gift to be given.  This resonance energy draws more of itself to you.  

The longing we feel isn't the same thing. We wouldn't recognize a beloved relationship if we saw it!!  We recognize what we are used to.   Ask angels to bring you the energetic construct (feeling) to you first.  Experience it deeply on an energetic level.  This draws the real thing into your life.

Welcome to JaniceLynch.com
2014 Mission Statement For Janice Lynch

Through My Intuitive Insights
Divine Connection,​
And my Spiritual Experiences

I create a loving atmosphere wherein
I continue to develop new and exciting "worthshops" and write spiritually uplifting books and articles.
As a result, people step into their destiny, 
I live in JOY,
and I am fulfilled.

Do you have a "mission statement" for next year?

"It’s the most wonderful (hardest) time of year . . ."

The holiday season reminds us of those that have passed away and won’t be here to share this time of year with us.  

Right, wrong, good or bad, relationships come to the forefront over the holidays. We not only miss what was, we miss what never could have been. We sorrow over those losses while trying to enjoy what is.

Seeing a young child in awe of the Christmas tree or delighted by their first snow helps us refocus upon the here and now. In those moments we recapture the sense of excitement and fun the holidays bring.

Our loved ones on the Other Side want nothing more than to tell us that they are right here. They feel our sorrows and our joys and hope we can break through the sorrow into a greater joy. They hope to communicate to you that the connection doesn’t end and they share this time with you.

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