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Love Empowers Me Now
Did You Know...?
 . . . Generational beliefs reside in our DNA.

When we heal vibrationally, we clear all the way into our DNA to release old patterns of abuse, betrayal, judgement, bigotry and shame.

Singing can be a form of vibrational healing.

Utilizing crystals can be a form a vibrational healing.  

Saying mantras or affirmations can be a form of vibrational healing.  

Apply which ever one feels right to you!

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​Dreams often are the first contact with our intuition.  The symbolism within our dreams (yes and even nightmares) offer us tremendous insights into our life right now.

If you are every one of the people in your dream, what does that tell you.

What objects in the dream hold importance.  Know that they have meaning on a spiritual level.  How is that object used in real life?  How was that object being used in the dream?

Notice your dreams and tap into your intuition!
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Each Day Holds a New Beginning

Yesterday's challenges may require action towards
completion, yet with a clear new focus we move
forward in hope and joy!

"Getting Rid of Gunk - Reclaiming Sparkle"
​How is it that the place where you go to get clean gets totally yukky!?!

The shower. I enjoy the shower. The feeling of the warm water spray and the smell of soap and shampoo – very cleansing to the body and the soul.

Until . . . all of a sudden . . . it wasn’t there yesterday . . . gunk!

Don’t feel so clean anymore. A good scrubbing and the shower is ready to provide more of what it does best.

So it is with our spiritual selves. We utilize our spiritual selves to keep us going – keep our thoughts positive and healthy. We continue to jump in to the spiritual realms to feel cleansed and relieved of the worldly stress and drama.

Yet, without keeping the spiritual self clean, we allow spiritual gunk to accumulate and grow. Black doubt creeps in and lodges itself in the corners of our mind. Moldy resentments and criticisms lurk in the drain.

So, how do we drain the gunk out of our spiritual self?

Scrub it out. Disinfect it. Rinse and repeat.

What scrubs the doubts, resentments and criticisms? TRUTH.  Unfortunately, TRUTH about who we are, our value, our peace sits in the cabinet waiting for us to apply it.  TRUTH is more than a sacred opinion. TRUTH is an immutable sacred fact. My beliefs about something give me my truth. Everyone has their own truth. THE TRUTH holds fast whatever the belief system.

TRUTH states . . . “I am a sacred being of Light.”

My belief might say . . . “I am sacred if I am good enough.”

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