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Did You Know...?
 . . . You know more than you think you know.

Intuitively speaking, we know.  Our hearts know.  Our inner being knows.  Divine Source knows and guides us into greater knowing.

Problem is, our thinking and doubting and resisting get in the way.

I believe that questioning and caution lead us into deeper understanding.  Yet we often keep our knowing self locked down in a sea of endless questioning.  

When we trust and allow, more information comes through.  When we discount and resist, the flow is blocked.  

The challenge is to question without fear and trust without being gullible.

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​You may ask for confirmation on any subject.  
Source doesn't hold it against us to ask for verification - rather that is uplifted and honored.

How to ask for verification?  State the situation clearly.  I feel it is time to do .....  Please confirm this for me.  

Often within a few days, a song will just happen to come on the radio just as you ask or a friend will mention something to you or a happy happenstance will confirm for you the direction you were considering.
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"Discounting Divine Information 
Because Big Energies In Small Packages "

Long title about a big subject regarding a little thing.

I was just given a tiny rescue kitten. This little guy is 3 weeks old and when he was found was starving and barely alive. It took his rescuers three days to locate him – they could hear him but couldn’t see him. Finally they found him in the engine compartment of a neighbor’s car. Tiny. Little. Starving. Kitten.

They fed him and took him to the vet. Other than needing to eat and have some ointment in his eyes, his blood work was good. I got him shortly after his vet visit.

What to name him? Calipurr since he was found in a car? Foose as a nod to the car designer Chip Foose? Pumpkin cause he is orange and found near Halloween? I ran my brain through a hundred kitten names.

Silly me. I’ve got skills. I could just ask him what his name is. Samson, but he gave me permission to call him anything – just not late for lunch!

I discounted this and continued on my hunt for the perfect name.

Guess how that worked out for me.

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